Monday, 27 December 2010

Lady Liberty and Captain Cord

So i worked up the courage and faced the oxford street crowds which for me is basically my idea of death ( and I'm really not being melodramatic). I was looking for the floral cords above dan found them in my size. SCORE. I physically cannot buy clothes without trying them on because I am 5"10.5 and clothes are just annoying. I mean honestly topshop tall is cut for those 5"7 and above. Anyway enough moaning. The cords are meant to be cropped but as they are a 32" and I am a 36" leg they are very cropped. Not a problem it just means more sexy ankle cleavage, ( not that my ankle's have cleavage, I hope).

Then because I am on my winter hols and rather than revise for my mocks I would be sewing and learning to knit so I popped into liberty's fabric section. As previously mentioned I have been hankering after summer and few things are more summery than liberty florals so I get a couple of offcuts. and I'm thinking of making a shirt and if there's enough using the floral on teh collars and sleeves of a white shirt to jazz it up.

Note on teh photo's
I was trying to be bloggery and the like then I saw the pictures of me in teh cords and laughed. I thought that I looked a bit like an idiot/ superhero and so beacuse I am a dork I just went with it. Don't you think Lady Liberty is such a superhero name.

Right I'm off to save some people

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