Friday, 7 January 2011

Shadow Catchers

I saw this exhibition on a rainy afternoon last week and was not disappointed. Having spent two months worth of lunchtimes last year making photograms at school for an art project I was already familiar with Adam Fuss's work but I was not at all familiar with the other artists in this exhibition. The exhibition is spectacularly created and the fact that many of these images are related to life, light and the nature it prompted a degree of awe in me especially as I had just spent 40 minutes in looking at the sparkly jewellery in the V&A.
The photograms in this exhibition are at times intricate and at others striking and utterly luminous in their unfussy composition but their is an overriding sense throughout that you are seeing phenomenon that are outside of the everyday. I cannot recommend this exhibition enough, I do not think that I have visited such an affecting image in my life.

I would also wholeheartedly recommend the Diaghilev and the Ballet Russes exhibition if you have any interest in theatre, ballet fashion or history. It sets the social history of the time before each room focusses on one particular part of the Diaghilev exhibition. As somebody with an interest in Art Nouveau and poster art I was thrilled by the brilliant examples. The gallery also has glorious sketches by Picasso, Cocteau and Nijinsky.

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  1. Really want to see the Ballet Russes exhibition, but it's closing soon :(. Looks great. Thanks for the loveley comment. Hope you visit back, and give-away coming up :)