Monday, 3 January 2011

Teen Vogue Editorials tbc

At my school we do not have boys or prom but I remember that whenever I used to read Teen Vogue I would look at the editorials and sigh because they were always so escapist and the light in them was so beautiful. The boy and girl eds were always some of the best I thought and spoke to me moe than the studio shot ones.


  1. Teen Vogue is one of the magazines that has a pure, unadulterated joy about it. Nothing fancy, nothing conceptual, just unpretentious, happy fashion for young people. I love it and still buy it, even though I just turned 20 and am technically no longer a teen. But it's a guilty pleasure that is healthy to indulge, i think.

    The boy and girl eds are always perfect, right? I loved the one in Venice where they're chasing pigeons.. :)


  2. Completely agree. It is so refreshing that a magazine has smiling in it and not in a sterile way, you worded it exactly right. It just has an abandon to it that I feel in publications aimed at an older audience has become slightly sterilized. Just because something is deemed a guilty pleasure does not mean that it has any less value, along with Russh it is one of my favourite magazines as it is refreshing as it does not dumb down the content too much and you do not feel like the editors are desperate to work for publications for an older audience but enjoy creating a magazine for teens.

    My absolute favourite one is the one on the beach where a boy and a girl are lazing about in a caravan.

    Thanks for commenting x