Saturday, 26 February 2011

FYI. It's skooler not shooler.

I read this wonderful interview piece between Jack and Lazaro at Proenza Schouler and my girl-crush Chloe Sevigny. The discussion is thoughtful and you can sense the familiarity between the three which I think i refreshing when fashion is so often regarded as rather detatched and cole.
Read it now.

SEVIGNY: So, for the record, I want to get the
pronunciation of Proenza Schouler down right.

McCOLLOUGH: It's Proenza Schouler. So many
people still say Shooler.

SEVIGNY: It's Schouler, as in late for school. I think people think Shooler is more sophisticated that Skooler.

BTW it's seven-e NOT seven-yay.

P.S. For those who cannot get enough PS X CS

Read this.

Monday, 21 February 2011


I have a confession to make. I detest mustard. It just is one of those things that I feel you learn to appreciate when you become an adult...or mushrooms and asparagus. That said I adore mustard the colour. It just seems lush and dreamy.

The velvet trousers look so laid back but luxe. They are like a socially acceptable pair of PJ's. Plus the way that light hits yellowy velvets is just divine. The thin butterscotch cardigan with the simple saffron top is a breath of fresh air. This collection never felt too gratuitously FASH-UN (which I feel that Acne can sometimes veer towards). Then the slouchy caramel coat reminds me of a bathrobe but in the best way possible. Plus my love for a slim cut, cropped trouser is met by the bottom half.

Aside from the mustard looks, I really liked the blush tones and chocolate leather overalls and the look with the blackcurrant sleeveless biker, black slit skirt and caramel polo-neck. Plus I really liked the styling with the clompy black shoes and the nude nylon socks nodding to the sort of grannies that you see at the bus-stop with their trolley's. That is if they upped their cool Swede factor.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Lovely Liv

I know you have probably all seen this but I had to post because it's LIV TYLER. I have a raging girl crush/borderline obsession on her. It all began when I was a wee one and saw LOTR. I saw a vision in elf ears and my heart was lost. I turned my back on dressing up as Jessie from Toy Story and from ages 6-10 I would be Arwen.

What is not to love about Liv. She's an oblivious femme fatale in Stealing Beauty, she's the kind of girl you want to be be in Aerosmith's Crazy video. Is there nothing she is not capable of. And adding Proenza Schouler's neon spiderwebby dress and a beach somewhere does nothing to abate my girl crush.


ziggah zig ahhhh

My first icon in terms of style was non other than scary spice. My 3rd birthday party involved watching spiceworld and I'm fairly sure that I owe my enduring obsession to her. When I was younger I used to make armlets so that I could be like her. But now my taste has matured (marginally) I've been on the lookout for an armlet that is not cheap (looking) or tacky (overly so). I've also been getting into the kind of jewellery which is subtly statement making (does this even make sense). The kind of jewellery that looks infinitely better unencumbered by 10 other pieces but is not so out there that it outshines potential outfit. I rarely shop at Topshop really but it seems like somebody at topshop HQ has been having similar pangs.

This baby is silver, which I love and it not too much. So in order to justify spending £16.50 on a piece of jewellery I have convinced myself it is versatile. Armlet, bracelet, anklet, choker, belt (?). So I'm thinking next Thursday this shall be mine.


Friday, 18 February 2011

Dries s/s 11

Really going to start looking at the details in collections. More white leather, chunky heels, suede, orangey tones, lavender, mint, slingbacks and best of all HOLOGRAPHIC HEELS.

To me this feels like the grown up way to nod aback to the trainers that I possessed as a 5 year old that lit up when I walked, (whenever I wore them the dancehall queens would ask my mum where I got them!).

Yet somehow even with all of this awesome detailing they exude laid-back style. Me like.

An apple a day...

My favourite shoe at NYFW? These babies from Calvin Klein Collection. They remind me of the mules that doctor's wear in hospital and I find something strangely appealing in that. Plus they are bright white which is something I find tacky and yet seductive in a shoe. If only Topshop deem a copy of these worth their time, but somehow I think only a certain type of girl would demand these. Oh well a girl can hope.