Saturday, 26 February 2011

FYI. It's skooler not shooler.

I read this wonderful interview piece between Jack and Lazaro at Proenza Schouler and my girl-crush Chloe Sevigny. The discussion is thoughtful and you can sense the familiarity between the three which I think i refreshing when fashion is so often regarded as rather detatched and cole.
Read it now.

SEVIGNY: So, for the record, I want to get the
pronunciation of Proenza Schouler down right.

McCOLLOUGH: It's Proenza Schouler. So many
people still say Shooler.

SEVIGNY: It's Schouler, as in late for school. I think people think Shooler is more sophisticated that Skooler.

BTW it's seven-e NOT seven-yay.

P.S. For those who cannot get enough PS X CS

Read this.

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