Sunday, 20 February 2011

Lovely Liv

I know you have probably all seen this but I had to post because it's LIV TYLER. I have a raging girl crush/borderline obsession on her. It all began when I was a wee one and saw LOTR. I saw a vision in elf ears and my heart was lost. I turned my back on dressing up as Jessie from Toy Story and from ages 6-10 I would be Arwen.

What is not to love about Liv. She's an oblivious femme fatale in Stealing Beauty, she's the kind of girl you want to be be in Aerosmith's Crazy video. Is there nothing she is not capable of. And adding Proenza Schouler's neon spiderwebby dress and a beach somewhere does nothing to abate my girl crush.


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