Monday, 21 February 2011


I have a confession to make. I detest mustard. It just is one of those things that I feel you learn to appreciate when you become an adult...or mushrooms and asparagus. That said I adore mustard the colour. It just seems lush and dreamy.

The velvet trousers look so laid back but luxe. They are like a socially acceptable pair of PJ's. Plus the way that light hits yellowy velvets is just divine. The thin butterscotch cardigan with the simple saffron top is a breath of fresh air. This collection never felt too gratuitously FASH-UN (which I feel that Acne can sometimes veer towards). Then the slouchy caramel coat reminds me of a bathrobe but in the best way possible. Plus my love for a slim cut, cropped trouser is met by the bottom half.

Aside from the mustard looks, I really liked the blush tones and chocolate leather overalls and the look with the blackcurrant sleeveless biker, black slit skirt and caramel polo-neck. Plus I really liked the styling with the clompy black shoes and the nude nylon socks nodding to the sort of grannies that you see at the bus-stop with their trolley's. That is if they upped their cool Swede factor.

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  1. I love mustard colour. Your blog is cool btw :)