Sunday, 20 February 2011

ziggah zig ahhhh

My first icon in terms of style was non other than scary spice. My 3rd birthday party involved watching spiceworld and I'm fairly sure that I owe my enduring obsession to her. When I was younger I used to make armlets so that I could be like her. But now my taste has matured (marginally) I've been on the lookout for an armlet that is not cheap (looking) or tacky (overly so). I've also been getting into the kind of jewellery which is subtly statement making (does this even make sense). The kind of jewellery that looks infinitely better unencumbered by 10 other pieces but is not so out there that it outshines potential outfit. I rarely shop at Topshop really but it seems like somebody at topshop HQ has been having similar pangs.

This baby is silver, which I love and it not too much. So in order to justify spending £16.50 on a piece of jewellery I have convinced myself it is versatile. Armlet, bracelet, anklet, choker, belt (?). So I'm thinking next Thursday this shall be mine.


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