Thursday, 31 March 2011

Jane Birkin -need I say more/ more practical option via

It's gone a bit chilly now in London but early it was positively glorious. As somebody who's mood can be greatly influenced by good weather - or lack thereof- I was very perky today. I went to visit my cousin (and her new baby!) by Columbia Road and on my way I found an abandoned straw basket which was sheer good luck as the basket off of my bike had been stolen. Even more miraculously it fit on my basket bracket! Suddenly I had images of myself as a hybrid of Maria from the Sound of Music running through the hills and Jane Birkin running around Paris straw basket swinging. So when I got to hers I threaded some daffodils through the top and it was good to go and off I cycled through East London singing the Sound of Music. All in all a good day

That said this was a rare time when trying to emulate people who I admire's style worked - usually I fall flat on my face.

P.S (I am not joking about the falling flat on my face part. Last month I decided to channel Bianca Jagger in 70's platforms. This was not a good move as I do not habitually wear heels. Essentially my bus was really busy and the other passengers were just not moving so that I could get off of the bus. So I sort of launched myself off of the bus just as they parted to let me off and flew off landing in a push-up position on the floor. This was made even worse by the 11 year olds who take the same bus as me then proceeding to tell all of my friends.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Angela Lindvall for Miu Miu S/S 97

I have developed a small crush on Angela Lindvall of late due to her bottom lip which can look both moody and seductive AT THE SAME TIME.

You may well have seen these ads before but even so just bask in their glory. Much better than the LiLo monstrosities. They make me want to live in monochrome. They have mussed up ponytails and polonecks, distrustful gazes and white dresses, cool collars and grandpa knits ( and not the overstyled indie type. This is the kind of girl who wears Birkenstocks and socks as I have started doing sin of all sins. This is the kind of advertising that I like.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Let's be blunt.

Tati Cotliar by Ami Sioux/ Turned Out/ Natalie Portman in Leon/ Kid from Kid 'n' Play

I'm a pretty blunt kind of girl. I like to get straight to the heart of the matter and do not always consider what I'm saying as much as I perhaps I should. Bluntness is one of those qualities that can promote loving or loathing.(Also did anyone else notice that it is sort of onomatopoeic). It is the kind of hair that oozes cool especailly when modelled by cool women like Taylor Tomasi Hill and Chloe Sevigny.

With women like that rocking the look it is probably fitting that my (curly) hair would never co-operate then.


If you aged these girls by a decade and gave them moody stares rather than effervescent grins then they could appear in an editorial. AT the moment I am really inspired by evacuees, ( that sounds terrible in writing). They fulfill my love of knitted jumpers, florals, leather sandals and pulled up socks. Plus their hair is ALWAYS enviable. I know that the way they dress was not a contrived style but their slightly raggedy too small jumpers with socks that refuse to stay up on their stick thin legs makes me jealous.

This obsession is not however a new thing. When I was 10 I studied WWII and saw pictures of evacuees. Suddenly I asked my mum for brown leather sandals for school shoes and went to JOhn Lewis to buy knee high grey socks. I remember when I was 5 being jealous of girls who got to wear straw boaters to school and leather satchels and so when I was 10 I also added these to my uniform. You can probably tell I was a bit ... special, especially when you consider the time the school shoe of choice was this!

I'm definitely thinking that evacuee style has to make a repeat performance, starting with me knitting a replica of charlie brown's jumper with sleeves that are just that bit too short.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

It's better to live a day as a lion than one hundred years as a sheep - Mussolini

No home is a project by the Australian Centre for moving image showcasing fashion through film. . I love fashion and film so it would have been hard for me to dislike this but the fact that it has already managed to cover brands with such differing viewpoints bodes well for the future.

check it out.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day

Despite being 1/4 Irish I have never actually been and after watching my man crush Jeremy Irons' edition of 'Who do you think you are' where he gallops around Ireland for an hour, I am desperate to go this summer.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Momma I Love You.

Kirsten Dunst leaving a Noah and the Whale gig in L.A. yesterday, looking a tad tipsy. But enough about that look at the new-age mumsiness of this outfit. I am definitely a fan. Any outfit that involves A line or denim or button through detailing or that has mumsy elements and I'm not talking about the MILF kind of mum then I'm down. Calf Length, button through, A-line denim dress with a cream embroidered blouse over the top and the 'busy' sandals to brighten the look up. I love it! It is the kind of outfit that slightly off key art teachers tend to try and rock with less than successful results.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Kate Moss by Corinne Day/ Chloe Sevigny being bloody adorable/ Angela Lindvall being gorgeous.

I feel like I spend most of my life trying to be cool, sexy and mysterious like Kate in that picture but I end up with my unadulterated self which is a little bit ... special. I'm really liking that as I'm getting older (aware this sounds absurd at 16 and 1/4) I'm kind of realizing that being sexy is completely pointless. Cool should be incidental otherwise it's just not cool.

I know it sounds a bit absurd that looking at a picture of Chloe Sevigny helped to inspire this revelation but just look at it. She is guffawing on the red carpet (there may even be a snort if we could hear it). It sounds cliche but I think that this is the sexiest/coolest I've seen her and purely because she is completely open and free of pretense. End of gush/rant.

Green Eyed

These images have got me green eyed with envy. Definitely incorporating minty tones into my wardrobe this spring. Currently on the look out for mint suede brothel creepers something about them is making me go weak at the knees although I don't think I could quite pull them off. Hate to be typical blogger but I also really like the green outfits at Alexander Wang especially the shiny crumpled dress. Reminds me of a mermaid costume that my mum made me when I was five and that is definitely a good thing.

Stevie Dance rocking A. Wang S/S 11via Vanessa Jackman / Anja Rubik in POP S/S 11/ Chloe Sevigny/ Photo by Clare Shilland/ Julia Nobis in Russh Dec/Jan 2010/ Stella Tennant looking awesome in a mint outfit / Random awesome house

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Digging red colour at the moment and grainy textures.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Dear Stevie

I think that your name is amazing. I think your hair is fab. I love your affinity for 50's levis and black jodphur boots. I love your editors letters. Plus the fact that a lot of your icons are men, just completes my obsession. The way you never wear makeup yet alway look fresh. You are pretty rad. I think your styling is actually mind-blowing and I feel like you manage to create a magazine that is not only fashion-conscious but also a intelligently written, compelling read as well as a visual delight.

I've been thinking about this recently as I wait for the next issue of Russh to come to England and I cannot think of a magazine that is quite like Russh. In England there is a major gap in the market for a fashion magazine with culture too. I love the white space ( I know it is weird but I do). I love that they aren't afraid of grungy and glam styling. Every month I learn something new or find a new crush. It feels like the team are the kind of cool girls in movies that you idolize and there is something about the magazine's voice that make me want to be friends with the writers. And you know that a magazine is fab when you don't want to rip out the pages but want to wallpaper your room with the pictures. I wish wish wish that somebody would start a teenage magazine that is beautiful and brainy. Pretty Please.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Friends, Romans, Countrymen


One of my friends has a nose that is actually divine. It has a bump in it that is utterly roman but somehow so pretty. I have experienced nose envy for the first time in my life. I'm sick of having a nose that resembles a little ski jump in profile. I want a nose that is loud and proud and makes a statement. That is all.

Croydon Facelift

Remember when you did ballet and there was always one girl who's toes pointed better than everybody else's and who's bun was slicker and smoother than humanly possible. Me too.

Honestly never thought I would say this but I find myself craving a croydon facelift. The old saying is true that the grass is always greener. My hair is crazy thick and crazy curly and there is no way that it can be tamed so that it slicks back. So I shall just have to admire girls who can do this from afar.

P.S. Does anybody else ever get the feeling when you look at old pictures of your mum that you will never be that cool. I think that my mum is quite cool (although I would never admit it to her face) and just looking at her old pictures make me slightly envious. I think a post about my mum is definitely brewing no matter how sad it is.

Saturday, 5 March 2011


I think that I have finally realized where my desire to have red hair and freckles stems from. Unlike may people in England I actually love red hair but ONLY if it is in fact red not a watery gingert. Growing up I was gangly, tall and tomboyish and every saturday morning whilst waking for my late sleeping family to wake up I would park myself in front of the telly and watch pippy longstocking.

Reasons to <3 pippi
1. she's swedish
2. she has a pet monkey
3. she basically feral
4. she can pull of clashing prints so well and knee highs
5. She's a redhead
6. she has freckles
7. you know she'd be sper fun to hang out with
8. she has a parent free house. HOLLA!
9. her dad's job is cooler than your dad's job. He's a pirate!
10. did i mention the red hair and freckles!


Someone's been taking inspiration from childhood characters. But that's totally fine because I do it too. In fact my brotehr calls me wally due to my affinity for striped shirts