Monday, 7 March 2011

Croydon Facelift

Remember when you did ballet and there was always one girl who's toes pointed better than everybody else's and who's bun was slicker and smoother than humanly possible. Me too.

Honestly never thought I would say this but I find myself craving a croydon facelift. The old saying is true that the grass is always greener. My hair is crazy thick and crazy curly and there is no way that it can be tamed so that it slicks back. So I shall just have to admire girls who can do this from afar.

P.S. Does anybody else ever get the feeling when you look at old pictures of your mum that you will never be that cool. I think that my mum is quite cool (although I would never admit it to her face) and just looking at her old pictures make me slightly envious. I think a post about my mum is definitely brewing no matter how sad it is.

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