Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Dear Stevie

I think that your name is amazing. I think your hair is fab. I love your affinity for 50's levis and black jodphur boots. I love your editors letters. Plus the fact that a lot of your icons are men, just completes my obsession. The way you never wear makeup yet alway look fresh. You are pretty rad. I think your styling is actually mind-blowing and I feel like you manage to create a magazine that is not only fashion-conscious but also a intelligently written, compelling read as well as a visual delight.

I've been thinking about this recently as I wait for the next issue of Russh to come to England and I cannot think of a magazine that is quite like Russh. In England there is a major gap in the market for a fashion magazine with culture too. I love the white space ( I know it is weird but I do). I love that they aren't afraid of grungy and glam styling. Every month I learn something new or find a new crush. It feels like the team are the kind of cool girls in movies that you idolize and there is something about the magazine's voice that make me want to be friends with the writers. And you know that a magazine is fab when you don't want to rip out the pages but want to wallpaper your room with the pictures. I wish wish wish that somebody would start a teenage magazine that is beautiful and brainy. Pretty Please.

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