Saturday, 26 March 2011


If you aged these girls by a decade and gave them moody stares rather than effervescent grins then they could appear in an editorial. AT the moment I am really inspired by evacuees, ( that sounds terrible in writing). They fulfill my love of knitted jumpers, florals, leather sandals and pulled up socks. Plus their hair is ALWAYS enviable. I know that the way they dress was not a contrived style but their slightly raggedy too small jumpers with socks that refuse to stay up on their stick thin legs makes me jealous.

This obsession is not however a new thing. When I was 10 I studied WWII and saw pictures of evacuees. Suddenly I asked my mum for brown leather sandals for school shoes and went to JOhn Lewis to buy knee high grey socks. I remember when I was 5 being jealous of girls who got to wear straw boaters to school and leather satchels and so when I was 10 I also added these to my uniform. You can probably tell I was a bit ... special, especially when you consider the time the school shoe of choice was this!

I'm definitely thinking that evacuee style has to make a repeat performance, starting with me knitting a replica of charlie brown's jumper with sleeves that are just that bit too short.

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