Thursday, 31 March 2011

Jane Birkin -need I say more/ more practical option via

It's gone a bit chilly now in London but early it was positively glorious. As somebody who's mood can be greatly influenced by good weather - or lack thereof- I was very perky today. I went to visit my cousin (and her new baby!) by Columbia Road and on my way I found an abandoned straw basket which was sheer good luck as the basket off of my bike had been stolen. Even more miraculously it fit on my basket bracket! Suddenly I had images of myself as a hybrid of Maria from the Sound of Music running through the hills and Jane Birkin running around Paris straw basket swinging. So when I got to hers I threaded some daffodils through the top and it was good to go and off I cycled through East London singing the Sound of Music. All in all a good day

That said this was a rare time when trying to emulate people who I admire's style worked - usually I fall flat on my face.

P.S (I am not joking about the falling flat on my face part. Last month I decided to channel Bianca Jagger in 70's platforms. This was not a good move as I do not habitually wear heels. Essentially my bus was really busy and the other passengers were just not moving so that I could get off of the bus. So I sort of launched myself off of the bus just as they parted to let me off and flew off landing in a push-up position on the floor. This was made even worse by the 11 year olds who take the same bus as me then proceeding to tell all of my friends.

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