Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Kate Moss by Corinne Day/ Chloe Sevigny being bloody adorable/ Angela Lindvall being gorgeous.

I feel like I spend most of my life trying to be cool, sexy and mysterious like Kate in that picture but I end up with my unadulterated self which is a little bit ... special. I'm really liking that as I'm getting older (aware this sounds absurd at 16 and 1/4) I'm kind of realizing that being sexy is completely pointless. Cool should be incidental otherwise it's just not cool.

I know it sounds a bit absurd that looking at a picture of Chloe Sevigny helped to inspire this revelation but just look at it. She is guffawing on the red carpet (there may even be a snort if we could hear it). It sounds cliche but I think that this is the sexiest/coolest I've seen her and purely because she is completely open and free of pretense. End of gush/rant.

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  1. I totally agree with you ! trying to be sexy all the time is just uncool.. sexy girls are boring haha