Saturday, 5 March 2011


I think that I have finally realized where my desire to have red hair and freckles stems from. Unlike may people in England I actually love red hair but ONLY if it is in fact red not a watery gingert. Growing up I was gangly, tall and tomboyish and every saturday morning whilst waking for my late sleeping family to wake up I would park myself in front of the telly and watch pippy longstocking.

Reasons to <3 pippi
1. she's swedish
2. she has a pet monkey
3. she basically feral
4. she can pull of clashing prints so well and knee highs
5. She's a redhead
6. she has freckles
7. you know she'd be sper fun to hang out with
8. she has a parent free house. HOLLA!
9. her dad's job is cooler than your dad's job. He's a pirate!
10. did i mention the red hair and freckles!


  1. oooh i love her !! I used to watch it too. In France, we call her "Fifi Brindacier" ;)