Sunday, 10 April 2011

Alasdair Mclellan/Awaydays/Unknown/Awaydays Still/Alasdair Mclellan i-D Nov 2008/Awaydays

Bowl cuts, adidas trainers, polo shirts, levi's, windbreakers and a penchant for adidas, no I am not talking about The Drums but about "casuals" of the 70's. Having watched the film Awaydays today my love of the casual has been reignited. The film itself can be described as a blend of This is England, A Beautiful Thing and Control, which are great films too if you haven't seen them. The moody shots add a certain romanticism to grotty 70's suburbia and the soundtrack that includes Joy Division makes me want to move up North (sort of). And the prevalence of Adidas football trainers makes me sad that my feet are half a size too big to fit into my mum's blue suede Adidas gazelles. Seriously recommend watching.

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  1. i love this post. also, your moss quote in the side bar is probably one of my most favourite quotes ever :)
    hope you have a great day! x