Friday, 29 April 2011

kiko mizuhara/ river phoenix/kirsten dunst/ alex james/ chloe sevigny/ wes anderson/ angela chase/ johnny depp/ justine frischmann
 margot tenenbaum/ angela again/ kurt cobain/ selma blair in storytelling

When I think of bobs, images of year 4 when EVERYONE sported one spring to my mind. Not a bad thing I still think your sense of style is never surer than when your age hasn't reached double figures. Plus bobs just scream for named velvet headbands and barettes, which are just cool. 

I'm gonna do it I think. My only concern is will it make me look cool like the people above or do they make the hair look cool? Last time I had a bob my mum cut it and for three years I was called triangle head, I would prefer this not to happen again.


  1. i love all this matchy matchy-ness. you must have lots of time. im a little jealous..

  2. beautiful people and great artists.