Friday, 22 April 2011


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Polo shirts are cool.

My faves are either striped, ones with differnt sleeve and collar colours or pastels but always a little faded and shrunken. Whether I see pastel polo's on the King's Road flung under a jumper that is tied oh so casually at the neck of  a Sloane  or a Fred Perry number on an ageing skinhead and everything in-between, they undeniably fill me with envy.

This is not a new obsession like most of clothing inspiration it all stemmed from The Spice Girls, although this time it was Baby and not Scary who triggered this one. I longed for a polo dress like Baby SPice had, my best friend had one and I was positively green-eyed whenever she wore it. My mum denied me this particular item of clothing and after a quick google search and seeing how perverse Baby Spice looked I''m not sure I would want my toddler emulating her style.

When I was 10 and started going to disco's with boys school i was less preocuppied with their prepubescent dance moves, although there were some pretty good snakes, and more with what they were wearing. Yes, their hairflicks may have made me melt a little at the knees but really it was all about their Lacoste polos.

I'm not the only one who is a little obsessed

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