Thursday, 26 May 2011

Be Prepared

When I was about seven wanted to marry David Attenborough. Not only did he travel the world he also wore cool clothes and had an aura of complete calm and wisdom and I felt that rather than going to school I'd learn a lot more on our romantic travels around the world. I spent an embarassing amount of my time 'presenting' nature documentaries in my garden, in preparation for our my future presenting nature shows.  We would also live in the prerequisite treehouse with our pet monkey and parrot and live off the land.  I felt that my future would require a swiss army knife to makeshelterand gut fish, but my mum steadfastly refused so I battled grass snakes in my grandparent's garden and covered myself in mud for camouflage, in preparation instead. 

I remember lusting after my friends' yellow and brown Brownies uniforms green eyes flashing. The idea of wearing that uniform now is unappealing but I love older Scouts style.  And it seems I'm not the only one, Virginia Mckenna and Lauren Hutton both seem like the kind of girls who would make really Mrs Attenboroughs good scouts. I don't think there are lion-raising and alligator-wrestling badges but there should be. 

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Undeniably Cool

It's his 70th today and just in case you don't know I am more than a little obsessed. I mean come on apart from his songs the way that he manages to be so effeminate and yet still very much a man, is something that appeals to me due to my infatuation with androgyny. His penchant for polka dots, cuban heels and cowboy hats all win me over. Heck he even looks cool wearing glasses indoors.

For those who like me have an obsession that borders on unhealthy I would recommend searching  on BBC iplayer for the plethora of stuff on there about him. I would start with AJ Westermann's documentary purely because he used to pilfer his rubbish, if that's not dedication...

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

All the cool girls wear cat eyes.

Tracey Emin/ Rose McGowan in Doom Generation/ Taylor Tomasi Hill/ Asos Sunglasses

I have lusted after those Asos sunglasses since the end of last summer and I finally remember to buy  them and they are out of stock! But I definitely want some cat eye sunglasses in tortoise-shell to replace my wayfarers.

I watched Doom Generation last week renewing my Rose McGowan obsession that Charmed.  Check out Naive Bone's post to see a really interesting interview with Rose.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Meryl Streep looking hot/ Giasco Bertoli's tennis court/ Tracey Emin and ?/ Random House/ Jade Pafitt in Jeurgen Teller's "Go See"/ Robert Clergerie for Opening Ceremony Sandals

Just a few thing I'm feeling right now. Check out Tracey Emin in her bucket hate, A-line button through skirt, socks, clogs and shirt, perfect outfit.  So excited for the Tracey Emin retrospective I developed a huge girlcrush on her last Autumn and cannot wait to see her work. I think the first time I was really aware of her was when I was about 7 and saw a BBC news piece on "Unmade Bed" and just thinking what a batty woman, but I've  been reading and watching interviews with her and although I may not agree with everything she says I am fascinated by her. She reminds me of Louise Bourgeois and Frida Kahlo other strong female artists whom I admire.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Big fat Western tourist in Bangkok.

Maarten Van der Horst's MA Collection at CSM/ Me in my cool shirt.

Unearthed this little gem in my little brother's pit room today, it's Gap Kid's from when he was 8. Was always jealous of this shirt so thanks mum for always buying us clothes that swamped us. 

What were the references for the prints and the use of layered fabrics?

 The use of Hawaiian shirts and its prints is a reference to escapism, exoticism and going on holiday. Also, I like the sexual ambiguity of Hawaiian Shirts. It’s a play on the so-called ‘Boyfriend jacket’ that has been so fashionable. Yet, this version is more a ‘Big fat Western tourist in Bangkok’ jacket. The print itself is based on original Hawaiian prints from the 1940s. ( via i-D online)

Friday, 13 May 2011

Mandiba, Style Icon?

The Fresh Prince/ Jonathan Pierce/ Nelson Mandela

I think we are all aware that Nelson Mandela is launching a clothing line by now and when I heard I thought WHY? Of course, Mandela is the kind of person who could contribute to anything and it would probably reap positive rewards. And after reading Long Walk to Freedom recently ( which I highly recommend) I voraciously googled him and rediscovered his penchant for natty shirts.

In my opinion shirts are good as long as they are slightly boxy and any sort of prints are a bonus.  Whenever I go to Brixton or see pictures of my paternal relatives I am always struck by the beauty of traditional African fabrics.  Come spring my clothing choices are usually awash with florals and hawaiian prints, which although beautiful can become repetitive. African Shirts = Perfect Alternative 

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Do I really need a reason to post 90's Kate?

Speaking of the 90's  I just rediscovered my inflatable plastic backpack, which has made me quite happy. The only potential pitfall being its transparency meaning that I cannot leaving a layer of detritus languishing at the bottom.