Wednesday, 18 May 2011

All the cool girls wear cat eyes.

Tracey Emin/ Rose McGowan in Doom Generation/ Taylor Tomasi Hill/ Asos Sunglasses

I have lusted after those Asos sunglasses since the end of last summer and I finally remember to buy  them and they are out of stock! But I definitely want some cat eye sunglasses in tortoise-shell to replace my wayfarers.

I watched Doom Generation last week renewing my Rose McGowan obsession that Charmed.  Check out Naive Bone's post to see a really interesting interview with Rose.


  1. hey I love your blog so much ,asdjsdkfjdslkj - WHAT YOU POSTED ME?!?! what is going on! I am completely flattered!!!111111

    yay doom generation! I love Rose Mcgowan, charmed roxx. If you want cat eye glasses I would recommend a shop in Sydney, however I doubt you live in Sydney so I recommend etsy for some international lovin :) xx

  2. yess for Tracey Emin's Strange Land, I always find her compelling.

    and thank you for the nice comment, your blog is fantastic! Catching up on the archives now :D