Saturday, 14 May 2011

Big fat Western tourist in Bangkok.

Maarten Van der Horst's MA Collection at CSM/ Me in my cool shirt.

Unearthed this little gem in my little brother's pit room today, it's Gap Kid's from when he was 8. Was always jealous of this shirt so thanks mum for always buying us clothes that swamped us. 

What were the references for the prints and the use of layered fabrics?

 The use of Hawaiian shirts and its prints is a reference to escapism, exoticism and going on holiday. Also, I like the sexual ambiguity of Hawaiian Shirts. It’s a play on the so-called ‘Boyfriend jacket’ that has been so fashionable. Yet, this version is more a ‘Big fat Western tourist in Bangkok’ jacket. The print itself is based on original Hawaiian prints from the 1940s. ( via i-D online)

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