Friday, 13 May 2011

Mandiba, Style Icon?

The Fresh Prince/ Jonathan Pierce/ Nelson Mandela

I think we are all aware that Nelson Mandela is launching a clothing line by now and when I heard I thought WHY? Of course, Mandela is the kind of person who could contribute to anything and it would probably reap positive rewards. And after reading Long Walk to Freedom recently ( which I highly recommend) I voraciously googled him and rediscovered his penchant for natty shirts.

In my opinion shirts are good as long as they are slightly boxy and any sort of prints are a bonus.  Whenever I go to Brixton or see pictures of my paternal relatives I am always struck by the beauty of traditional African fabrics.  Come spring my clothing choices are usually awash with florals and hawaiian prints, which although beautiful can become repetitive. African Shirts = Perfect Alternative 

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