Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Meryl Streep looking hot/ Giasco Bertoli's tennis court/ Tracey Emin and ?/ Random House/ Jade Pafitt in Jeurgen Teller's "Go See"/ Robert Clergerie for Opening Ceremony Sandals

Just a few thing I'm feeling right now. Check out Tracey Emin in her bucket hate, A-line button through skirt, socks, clogs and shirt, perfect outfit.  So excited for the Tracey Emin retrospective I developed a huge girlcrush on her last Autumn and cannot wait to see her work. I think the first time I was really aware of her was when I was about 7 and saw a BBC news piece on "Unmade Bed" and just thinking what a batty woman, but I've  been reading and watching interviews with her and although I may not agree with everything she says I am fascinated by her. She reminds me of Louise Bourgeois and Frida Kahlo other strong female artists whom I admire.

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  1. love this collage ! meryl streep is always stunning no matter how old she is ! x