Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Undeniably Cool

It's his 70th today and just in case you don't know I am more than a little obsessed. I mean come on apart from his songs the way that he manages to be so effeminate and yet still very much a man, is something that appeals to me due to my infatuation with androgyny. His penchant for polka dots, cuban heels and cowboy hats all win me over. Heck he even looks cool wearing glasses indoors.

For those who like me have an obsession that borders on unhealthy I would recommend searching  on BBC iplayer for the plethora of stuff on there about him. I would start with AJ Westermann's documentary purely because he used to pilfer his rubbish, if that's not dedication...

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  1. NO, I love YOUR blog! Bob Dylan was here in Sydney recently, but I unfortunately missed him. It's kind of sad seeing all these old rock-stars now riddled with age