Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Hot babes in Gingham...then there's me

Francoise Sagan / Marc Jacobs and Rachel Williams/ Alicia Silverstone/ Niki Taylor

After getting called Wally (due to constant stripes) by various people I have decided to branch out into other prints. So I decided that gingham (which is really just double stripes) would be a really good idea. As I am srudy leave I've had tonnes of time to make things so here are the spoils of all my hard work.
I particularly like how the seam is almost an arrow directing your eye away from any potential cameltoe. Next on my list is a pair of trousers to match the shirt, so I can go around looking like a mental asylum escapee or like I'm in my pyjamas, both are fine with me.

Also loving my saltwater sandals at the moment or my 'nun sandals' as my mum likes to call them. They are totally comfortable and functional and look even better when you can see my posture correcting green foam insoles creeping out (in a very uncool, very unPrada-creepers-foam-layers sort of way).


  1. gingham and nun sandals, i think you might be my hero x

  2. Your outfit reminds me of Brigitte Bardot's ! nice one