Tuesday, 30 August 2011

'Bushwick' Russh Magazine Oct/ Nov 2010 by Will Davidson, Shalom Harlow

I'm half African and quarter Irish. My great grandfather on my Irish side was some sort of semi-famous doctor or something or other and thanks to the fact that I didn't completely fail my GCSE's the 'you are going to be a doctor talk has started....I don't want to be a doctor (I've spent more than enough time in hospitals) but I ure want to dress like one. How good would it be to dress like one. How simple and if I got to walk around in white Boston Birkenstocks without odd looks then I would be so happy.

(This might be partly triggered by my just having watched the skin I live in and being borderline hypnotized by a creepy, clinical Antonio Banderas.)

Also I bloody love TLC and had anybody else noticed how good 90's hip hop videos were case in point the mo' money more problems video.

Friday, 26 August 2011

What's new pussycat?

Maybe the best song ever.  Definitely the best dress ever.
 I've started to become slightly obsessed with cheongsam dresses thanks to babes like Sade and Bjork.  And thanks to a perfect day on an eerily quiet Portobello I think I've found my dream dress. The fabric looks to be from around the 50's and it is clearly homemade with a lot of love. I'm not even a cat person and I love the fact it has cats all over it. Although I do think with the kind of creeps I tend to attract I'll have to be careful when wearing it as it's pretty open to various pussy-related jokes. Nothing can detract from how happy I am with this dress, after haggling it down from £35 to £20, not even the fact that there's a little problem getting it over my hips thanks to a pretty sedentary and indulgent few months.

P.S. On a completely unrelated note I've been trying to work out how to wear a string vest post-puberty without looking like a dancehall queen  for months now and I've had to come to the conclusion that unless you are androgynous it is really really really hard. That is all

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Kate Moss's bum by Mario Testino, 'England's Dreaming' shot by Corinne Day for The Face August 1993, Andy Warhol at the Factory, Kate Moss (again), Cecilia Chancellor in Vogue, Jodie Foster being a gap toothed babe.

Always loved silver, even my floorboards are silver, but I have become a little bit obsessed as of late. I pretty much blame pictures like these.
 I mean come on I have a rather large soft spot for Corinne Day when you add molten silver sleeveless tops and listless gazes I pretty much melt. And then there are dungarees but silver (!!!). And then there's The Factory which I spent more than a few years trying to recreate minus the cool people in my room. Then there fabness that is sheer silver, although fairly sure I won't be attempting to go braless and sheer anytime soon outside of the safety of my room, it is mighty tempting.  And if you're wearing silver you can steer clear of makeup, not that I ever really bother, but who needs slap on when nobody's going to be looking at your face, but at whatever body part that's reflective, so they can check themselves out (narcissists).

P.S. reading this back it's a bit too gushy especially comsidering it's just a colour. But man what a colour, also pretty perfect for living out childhood aspirations to be a astronaut in a slightly more adult, less conspicuos way.