Tuesday, 30 August 2011

'Bushwick' Russh Magazine Oct/ Nov 2010 by Will Davidson, Shalom Harlow

I'm half African and quarter Irish. My great grandfather on my Irish side was some sort of semi-famous doctor or something or other and thanks to the fact that I didn't completely fail my GCSE's the 'you are going to be a doctor talk has started....I don't want to be a doctor (I've spent more than enough time in hospitals) but I ure want to dress like one. How good would it be to dress like one. How simple and if I got to walk around in white Boston Birkenstocks without odd looks then I would be so happy.

(This might be partly triggered by my just having watched the skin I live in and being borderline hypnotized by a creepy, clinical Antonio Banderas.)

Also I bloody love TLC and had anybody else noticed how good 90's hip hop videos were case in point the mo' money more problems video.

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  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. so much love every post everywhere i love it - oh btw once met a guy in paris who was trying to serenade his girlfriend to no scrubs.. until we enlightened him as to what the lyrics meant