Thursday, 11 August 2011

Kate Moss's bum by Mario Testino, 'England's Dreaming' shot by Corinne Day for The Face August 1993, Andy Warhol at the Factory, Kate Moss (again), Cecilia Chancellor in Vogue, Jodie Foster being a gap toothed babe.

Always loved silver, even my floorboards are silver, but I have become a little bit obsessed as of late. I pretty much blame pictures like these.
 I mean come on I have a rather large soft spot for Corinne Day when you add molten silver sleeveless tops and listless gazes I pretty much melt. And then there are dungarees but silver (!!!). And then there's The Factory which I spent more than a few years trying to recreate minus the cool people in my room. Then there fabness that is sheer silver, although fairly sure I won't be attempting to go braless and sheer anytime soon outside of the safety of my room, it is mighty tempting.  And if you're wearing silver you can steer clear of makeup, not that I ever really bother, but who needs slap on when nobody's going to be looking at your face, but at whatever body part that's reflective, so they can check themselves out (narcissists).

P.S. reading this back it's a bit too gushy especially comsidering it's just a colour. But man what a colour, also pretty perfect for living out childhood aspirations to be a astronaut in a slightly more adult, less conspicuos way.

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