Thursday, 8 September 2011

I've recently become obsessed with architecture, specifically Brutalist buildings. There's something about concrete, the use of geometric shapes  which is very clean and calming. I've only ever seen Trellick Tower, The Southbank Centre and The Barbican all in London. Brutalist architecture was  athe post war architects generation response to WWII and this really shows in the need for regulation and order. I like that they are so divise and unapologetically attention grabbing, when walking around Golborne Road I can't help but look at Trellick Tower and be fascinated by it. I don't know if I would want to live there necessarily as I don't deal well with living in a high rise flat but as a building I can't help but be a little hypnotized. Although of course knowing my slight OCD tendencies concerning straight lines and uniformity, it's hardly surprising.

I think that generally Brutalist architecture is regarded as cold, oppressive and uninviting but in my opinion they are far more inviting and interesting than the glass monstrosities that are currently dominating the skyline. As a kid I could happily spend hours exploring the bowels of the Southbank Centre, and I visited last week and found that the same was still true. I felt the sense of being cocooned, insignificant and very safe just sitting in a balcony. YOu can see so much and there are countless nooks and crannies in which you can secret yourself. Maybe I'm just romanticizing this but I like the idea of the post war generation thinking of how they could build a definition of what a city should be like. It's the same thing with Soviet design circa the Cold War they managed to create objects that are dated now but must have seemed groundbreaking at the time and I can't help but think that although Brutalist architecture has had its time that every glass high rise office building is a little bit of a disappointment.
Raymond Hillard Homes, Chicago, Illinois, 1966 via

Habitat '67, Montreal Canada

Cite Radieuse, Berlin

Park Hill Estate, Sheffield


  1. The one in Chicago just made me go a bit weak at the knees

  2. i'm going through a weird architecture obsession at the moment haha. maybe it's in my blood, my mum did study architecture at uni.

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    thank you! :-)