Saturday, 14 April 2012

I'm bringing sexy back

So basically I have scoliosis. But its all good I like to think only total babez get it (Chloe Sevigny, Elizabeth Taylor, Kurt Cobain, Liza Minnelli, Yoyo Ma, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Laura Dern, Mel Blatt from Allsaints, Daryl Hannah, Usain Bolt AND two of the coolest girls that I know). Mine's not bad enough that I need surgery so I've opted not to have have it because I don't really like hospitals - waking up mid-operation aged 4 kind of freaked me out. Due to the fact that I have a wonky back, an insane amount of schoolbooks and seem to need to carry around an additional few kilos of general stuff, I need a backpack. At first I wanted a Kanken (cos they are cool) but they aren't that big and quite £££, so I bought this for £10. It's bright, slightly ridiculous and very year 7 on her 1st day of school and I love it.  Even better people can't be mean about it because its medical! Plus it always makes me think of Club Tropicana when I wear it, which can't be a bad thing.

AS revision isn't going that well .... I've managed to watch all episodes of Jeremy Kyle US AND Jeremy Kyle UK on itvplayer. Plus ebay keeps on bringing me awesome presents to myself case in point this sheer Whistles Shirt and a Gap white denim jacket.

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  1. hah! i'm going to have to steal that comment about 'total babez' and scoliosis. i rock the scoliosis swag as well! i love it, haha. this outfit is pretty cool, i'm going to have to start shopping on ebay :)