Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Video Girls

 As usual I'm consumed by girl crushes (not sure if that sounds a bit diminutive but I think lady-crush and woman-crush just sound very odd). Been up to loads and will update on that in the very near future but for now I'm going to limit myself to the sharing cool thing that other people have done.

First up is Pina Bausch, German choreograher and all around cool chick. My school play is 'Women of Troy' and the director is basically just ripping off Pina's style of physical theatre/dance type movement - think ladies in flowy dress and water and clutching at men's feet and symbolic 'rape' sequences. I've loved her work for ages and was lucky enough to see it earlier this year but watching Pina reminded me how great she was and how great Wim Wenders is.

Second is Phoebe Collings James, who makes really really cool videos and sculptures and drawings and any other medium you can think of. And here are some more superficial reasons as well.
1.. She's bleached her hair the exact shade of blonde that I'm too scared too (but watch this space)
2. She dresses real nice.
3. She makes videos with Karley Sciortino

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