Friday, 18 January 2013

From Atlantis to Interzone

Nike Huarache Free Trainers, Beyonce T-shirt, MinkPink shirt, Topshop skirt

Bloody hell it is flipping freezing and I'm really not sure how to deal with it, never mind dress for it as I have a real problem with layering. The problem being that I look like a mentally ill Michelin man. However my outfit today was a 2/3 I think in terms of practicality.

1. Neon Green Jumper;

High visibility is usually a positive  such as when cycling, but when you are trying to avoid being pelted with snowballs by the caretaker it means that you are the most visible and therefore most attacked target.

2. Trainers;

Allow running away from air-borne missiles at speed - so good.

3. Quilted PVC skirts

May not sound like the most practical snowy attire but let me tell you when I fall over straight onto your bum I did not get wet or bruised - although I suspect the lack of bruising is not due to the padding in the skirt but on my body.

I have bought two neon green items of clothing in the space of three weeks which I consider case for concern. Usually I avoid green as when I was thirteen I went to a disco in a green satin dress and my brother and mother invariably referred to me as The Green Giant for months afterwards. Neon is also something I usually steer clear from as well as it reminds me too much of Nu-Rave and my pitiful attempts to look like Lovefoxx from CSS. Unfortunately I looked more like Pat Butcher and not in a good way. So in the spirit of now being an adult I am experimenting with a bit of self restraint outfits no longer have to consist of ten different colours just at least one that makes you look like you should be on a building site.

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