Sunday, 13 January 2013


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Going to preface this post with a disclaimer - I am not an edgy person. At all. There's probably a reason I live South-West London rather than say Dalston. My last, very ill thought, foray into edginess resulted in me shaving the back of my head and now I have a nice little fluffy afro under the rest of my hair (#sexy)


Recently I have become a little obsessed with LEATHER. Turning 18 in December and th subsequent unearthing of photos of my youngr self fostered a desire to look a little more 'adult'. You know the simple stuff like limiting the number of colours in an outfit to single figures and attempting to tame my hair once in a while. And owning an actual coat. So for my birthday my mum gave me a leather coat and I am pretty much converted.

Initally I was a little scared of leather. It reminded me of uncomfortable junior school shoes and dominatrixes. Now school uniform and BDSM both have their own sort of appeal but  my experiments in wearing school uniform again have resulted in enough unwelcome advances that I'm to reluctant repeat them or even attempt a dominatrix look. I'll just have to continue living vicariously through Slutever although wearing leather does make me feel so sassy/ cool/ confident/ in control etc that who knows?

P.S. Search for leather with caution on eBay - try and avoid entering leather with gay, fetish or chaps unless you're into that sort of thing...

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